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This Is Why Wearing Heels Is Empowering And F*cking Sexy

When we were still children, my sister and I would conjure up evening gowns from blankets, crowns from paper, and diamonds from ring pops, but no matter how extravagant our costumes were, nothing could top being in our mother’s heels. There’s just something about that ‘click clock, click clock’ that really makes a young kindergartener feel like a confident business woman, super model, or a classy mother.

No matter the age, high heels continue to be an accessory that empowers women at every phase of their life. Even the heel-haters break out a pair of platforms for special occasions like job interviews or weddings. High heels are like the booze at parties and they deserve the honour of attending your most important events.

Most of you are probably wondering if my raging passion for heels stems from the fact that I am really short, which I am, but the strong feels for heels isn’t exclusive to petite girls. Even my model-height girlfriends can’t help feeling disappointed when they are stripped off their rights to wear heels around (insecure) shorter boys.

What exactly is it about these quintessentially feminine shoes that makes us feel so damn good?

Historical Progression

Heels began with men and a practical purpose to fulfil – horse riding. The little nook that formed between the heel and sole of the shoes hooked onto the stirrup for more stability. Since only the upper class could afford horses, heels were also associated with class and stature.

Back in those days, women weren’t humans, they were but an accessory to their male counterparts. Hence it was only right that females wore heels to represent their fathers/husbands/sons wealth. Of course it wasn’t right for both genders to wear the same type of shoes. The unisex alterations meant that men kept the androgynous wedge while women had feeble looking stalks.

Later on, men ditched heels completely as flat shoes were simply more convenient for the working politicians and business men. Women kept the stalks as it was argued that we could afford to waddle around slowly and painfully since we didn’t have to do anything.

Keeping this piece of history in mind, going about my modern day job in stilettos feels like a big F U to the patriarch. Who said heels were too frivolous for everyday use? I’ve chased down buses in 4 inch high stalks, danced the night away in 5 inch high heels and executed events in the same pair of killer shoes. If you’re not convinced, watch how Bryce Dallas Howard outran dinosaurs in Jurassic World with her stiletto pumps.

It’s as if we worked the impracticality of uncomfortable footwear in our favour, showing off our ability to look gorgeously fierce without compromising on productivity and efficiency.

Sexy As Hell

When I entered my teenage phase plagued with puberty, spotted with acne, and sprouting hair in all the weird places, heels gave me a momentary dose of confidence. As my body learnt to accommodate the additional 4 inches under my feet, my hips swayed, my posture improved and so did my self-esteem.

Image Credit: Daily Mail

I feel like an absolute stunner in stilettos, and this study proves it is more than just a personal opinion – heels make a woman more attractive. These killer shoes accentuate the sex-specific aspects of the female walk and engages the muscles for a perkier looking bum. As a teen back then, heels helped me feel more like a woman than a girl stuck between phases.

No Pain No Gain

We normally call women who value beauty over comfort ‘vain’ without acknowledging the effort that goes behind looking good. While we may be vain, we’re tough too.

When I decide to pair my outfit with a pair of heels, I commit to it for the rest of the day – from morning till night, through flights of stairs and uneven roads. Even when it hurts, I grit my teeth and strut on. I may need rest, but I will never kick it off and surrender.

If I had the misfortune of having a horrible day, I can relish in the fact that I looked my best despite the circumstances. In spite of the challenges I failed to overcome that day, I can find comfort in the sense of accomplishment for having lasted the whole day in heels without complaining.

These killer kicks are encouraging and empowering, you can’t tell me otherwise.

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