Singaporean Stories, Inspiring Possibilities

Great stories need to be told, especially those that contributed to shaping what our nation is today. In our mission to inspire others, we ask for your help.

We want to tell stories of Singaporeans who went against the odds, followed their passions, and turned it into a profession.

Nominate a fellow Singaporean that made you proud or even yourself, if you have a story to tell.

What are we doing this for?

Passion Made Possible – it’s a phrase brought to life not just by famous athletes and entrepreneurs, but by everyday Singaporeans from different fields that we call tribes. In finding these Singaporeans and featuring them, we hope to capture the indomitable spirit of Singaporeans from all walks of life, and use it to inspire others.

What kind of stories can I share?

Stories of people (even yourself!) you think would inspire others. If you know of someone who has displayed tenacity and determination in pursuing their passions, or have pushed the boundaries in their field, we would like to talk to them. Ideally, this individual’s story would be linked to a location accessible to other Singaporeans. For more examples, do watch the videos here.

What are ‘tribes’?

Everyone belongs to a tribe – including you. Tribes are what you’re passionate about; what you identify with. There are 7 tribes in total.

FOODIES – Food and Dining
Singaporeans who have a passion for food, cooking, and dining. Foodies are united by their passion to discover new tastes and flavours. The look for gastronomic experiences that please all of their senses.

COLLECTORS – Shopping and Retail
Singaporeans who have a passion for shopping and collecting distinctive items, to build their own unique identities.

EXPLORERS – Sightseeing and Attractions
Singaporeans who have a passion for exploring and discovering places and spaces.

PROGRESSORS – Business and MICE Events
Singaporeans who have a passion for growth and turning ideas into reality.

ACTION SEEKERS – Sports and Adventure
Singaporeans who have a passion for action and chasing the adrenaline and excitement.

CULTURE SHAPERS – Arts and Culture
Singaporeans who have a passion for arts and gaining new perspectives.

SOCIALISERS  Nightlife and Entertainment

Singaporeans who have a passion for nightlife, entertainment and feeling the energy.

What happens if my story gets picked?

We will personally interview and film you (or your nominee), and feature their videos on our social media channels as well as this website.

How long do I have to submit my story?

Story call ends on 31st August 2019.

However, we recommend that you submit your stories as soon as possible to buffer some time for preliminary checks.

Add on to our collection of Passion stories.

Subaraj Rajathurai – Explorer Wildlife Consultant, Nature Guide.

Mark Ong – Collector Sneaker Artist, Streetwear Designer.

Nathan Hartono – Socialiser Singer.

Jahan Loh – Culture Shaper Contemporary Artist.

Kyra Poh – Action seeker World’s Fastest Flyer.

Malcolm Lee – Foodie Michelin-Starred Chef.