The Great Singapore Tip Off

Singaporean Stories, Inspiring Possibilities

Great stories need to be told, especially those that contributed to shaping what our nation is today. In our mission to inspire others, we ask for your help.

We want to tell stories of Singaporeans who went against the odds, followed their passions, and turned it into a profession.

Nominate a fellow Singaporean that made you proud or even yourself, if you have a story to tell.

Add on to our collection of Passion stories.

Subaraj Rajathurai – Explorer
Wildlife Consultant, Nature Guide

Mark Ong – Collector
Sneaker Artist, Streetwear Designer

Nathan Hartono – Socialiser

Jahan Loh – Culture Shaper
Contemporary Artist

Kyra Poh – Action seeker
World’s Fastest Flyer

Malcolm Lee – Foodie
Michelin-Starred Chef

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