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They say your first love is the most romantic love story you’ll live. That’s because it will be the first time you get butterflies in your tummy, feel your heart racing, and have your breath taken away. And these intense feelings of romantic love are one of the best feelings in the world.

As we tread on into 2018 and look back on the memories we’ve made and the old photos we’ve kept, some of us recall the nostalgic memories we had in our love lives. Like how we first fell in love, or had our first kiss.

Curious, we asked some friends about how they ‘lost’ their first kiss. Here are their stories of youth and innocence.

1. Pushed Against The Wall

“I had a huge crush on this senior in secondary school. We would always be bantering during our Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) practices, and our peers would tease us about being ‘steads’ as well. I wasn’t sure if he liked me back but I was too shy to ask.

One day when we were waiting for our CCA practice to start, we bumped into each other near the school toilet. There wasn’t anyone there at that time. We started chatting and teasing each other as usual, then he suddenly pushed me against the wall with both my hands up and his face right in front of mine. I was so nervous my heart was going to explode. Then he kissed me and it was such a glorious feeling.”

– Emily, 26

2. Too Much Action

“I was dating my first girlfriend in secondary school and was sending her home after our third or fourth date. We were flirting and lingered at her void deck for a bit, then I decided to just go in for the kiss. I think she had been waiting for the kiss for really long because the moment our lips touch, I could feel her gasp as she pushed her tongue in, vigorously.

I thought my first kiss would be a sweet and romantic one but it was so wet and sloppy, I avoided kissing her for a while.”

– Ken, 31

3. Centrifugal Force

“I was in secondary three and he was my senior in school. He was my first love and we had been dating for awhile. We were taking the bus back after school one day when it happened. Just when the bus was making a sharp turn, he pretended to lean over because of the centrifugal force and kissed me.  It may have been just a peck but it gave me tingles all over my body. It was even more thrilling because we were still in our school uniform. Luckily, we didn’t get caught.”

– Brenda, 27

4. Naughty Prefects

“I was a prefect in Secondary school, but the ‘asshole’ kind who became one to escape from being punished for breaking rules myself.

It was after school and there weren’t many people left. I was just chilling in the prefect’s room with the girl I was dating, who was also a prefect. We happened to be alone and took advantage of that. I went in for the kiss and we ended up making out in the prefect’s room. Best evening of my entire school life.”

– Dan, 24

5. Kindergarten Lovers

“I was crying a lot at our kindergarten ballet rehearsal and wouldn’t stop no matter how my teachers tried to console me. Then this girl I liked and always played with, Sarah, came over to comfort me. She kissed my lips, hugged me and stroked my hair. She probably saw her parents do it or something, but can you imagine two toddlers doing this? Needless to say, the kiss and hug did stop me from crying.”

– Eugene, 27

6. The Very Shy Girl

“I was dating this very shy girl in secondary 3. She was so shy that she would literally run away whenever she was awkward or when she didn’t know how to react. I remember asking her to be my girlfriend at Thomson Plaza and she just ran out of the mall because she didn’t know how to react.

I gave her my first kiss on this very long escalator at Dhoby Ghaut. I couldn’t stand waiting anymore so I just took a step down below her, faced her, held her chin, and gave her a peck on the lips. She looked so stunned and because I did that at the beginning of the escalator, we rode down the escalator looking at each other in absolute silence. When we exited the gantry, she just walked away without saying anything and I went my way.”

– Daniel, 26

7. Brace Face

“I was kind of seeing this girl back in poly. Nothing serious yet but we were going out on dates. One night, we were walking somewhere romantic and she leaned in to kiss me. We tried to continue kissing but our braces got in the way. Our teeth and braces kept ‘hitting’ each other so we gave up.”

– Jordan, 30

8. Three Girls, Three Guys

“I was at a club in Taiwan with two girlfriends. In a club full of locals, guess who we danced with? Yep, Singaporeans. Not even sure how we managed to end up with Singaporeans.

There were three of them too and I remember them saying it was their ORD trip. My friends and I (all at 18) lost our first kisses to those three guys, whom we don’t even remember their names of. And we didn’t just kiss one guy. We were all so tipsy, I think we made out with ‘each other’s guy’. We took turns kissing each of them. It wasn’t weird then but thinking back, on a sober mind: what the heck were we even doing?!”

– Min, 21

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