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Being single’s great. You have the freedom to do anything you want, whenever you want.

When all your friends start to get attached and you’re the only one left on the shelf, you tend to notice the ‘coupley things’ they do. More so than ever, these lovey-dovey exchanges between the lovebirds bother you.

As much as you’re sincerely happy for them, there are times you wish you could deck them in the face for behaving as such.

You try not to react to their cheesy banter, but that doesn’t mean you’re comfortable with them cooing at each other in your presence.

It can be hard to tell a friend that they’re being super gross though. So we reached out to our single friends and put together a list of typical things Singapore couples do that annoys them. A list you can use to drop subtle hints on your (cringey) couple friends.

Dear couples, stop:

1. Calling Each Other Cringey Pet Names

It makes us mildly uncomfortable to hear one friend call the other friend ‘dear’, ‘darling’, or even ‘baby’, but we’re still cool with it – we probably just need time to get used to it.

But when you start calling each other “princess”, “dear dear”, or “bii bii” from across the room, it’s tough for us to not cringe.

2. Talking To Your Partner In THAT Voice

We’re just amazed at how someone can talk (and behave) like a dominant leader with us, yet go all soft and talk with the voice of a ‘super kawaii’ anime girl in front of her boyfriend. It’s even worse when it’s the guy who goes soft in front of his girlfriend.

Don’t act cute leh.

3. The Extreme PDA

Control your hormones, can? Stop. Touching. Each. Other.

It’s super awkward for us when you keep touching, hugging, and playing tongue wrestle while you’re on the train. Or anywhere really, when you’re hanging out with us.

4. Talking About Bae And Relationships ALL The Time

When you bring up your Bae or relationship in every single topic, it makes us feel like you’re subtly showing off your ‘in-love status’ at every opportunity.

We’re not jealous of you, but we wonder if your relationship is all that defines you.

5. Asking Bae For Permission Before Doing ANYTHING

You do not belong to your Bae.

It’s understandable if you’re heading out with people of the opposite sex, but do you really have to ask Bae if you can go for dinner and shopping with your girlfriends – or for the guys, drinks with your buddies? There’s a line between letting Bae know what’s going on in your life and being a puppet y’know.

6. Last Minute Pangseh Us For Bae

It’s annoying enough to have someone fly aeroplane on gatherings that have been planned weeks ago. But it’s even more irritating when you’re ditching us to have dinner with your Bae because s/he’s having a bad day.


7. Being Inseparable (And Insufferable)

It’s called a girls/boys night out for a reason. It’s not for us to see you guys flirt with each other at one corner while we have girls/boys talk. 

8. Arguing In Front Of Everyone

We’re all for healthy ‘arguments’ in a relationship, but not when we’re supposed to be out having a good time with the group.   

You wouldn’t want to see your parents argue in front of you. Likewise, we don’t want to see you guys screaming at each other over ridiculous disputes while we try to cajole the both of you.

9. Airing Your Dirty Laundry On Social Media

The world has so many things to worry about, and your emo selfies and rants aren’t one.

You’re just making yourself look pitiful by telling everyone that s/he broke your heart, and not in a good way. Your Bae won’t be happy to see you air your grievances about her/him online either. 

10. Flaunting Your Love On Social Media

Similarly, please stop flooding your Instagram or Facebook with all your couple selfies. We get that these photos are sweet memories, but it gets annoying when every single post on your feed is of the two of you in embrace.

What’s worse is when they come with captions like how sweet your boyfriend is or how in love you are.

And these cheesy comments:
“Baby I love you so much.”
“Aww baby, I love you more.”

Guys, can y’all just text each other privately?

11. Planning Couples-Only Activities

Yes, we are a little sad for being the only single one left in the clique. But please stop feeling bad for us because that’s only going to annoy us even further.

Like you guys talking about couple dates, only to go, “oh no, but you’re single, shit I’m so sorry, but it’s okay, you can come too if you want.”

We know that you feel bad. We appreciate that you still consider our feelings. And we really don’t mind being the odd one out in the group. But after the guilt-induced invitation, we also know that we’d be a burden if we do join in.

12. Acting Annoyed When Your Partner Surprises You

This one’s mainly for the ladies:

When your boyfriend sends you flowers for no particular reason, don’t go around saying things like, “why he so boliao, waste money on this kind of things,” only to post a photo of it up on Instagram an hour later captioned, “So touched that Baby sent me this.”

Don’t Be So Cheesy

There’re still plenty more, but this list pretty much sums up the main bulk of our annoyance. We get that you’re smitten. We love the strong chemistry and bond you guys have, but we’d prefer if you keep’em between the both of you. Spare us.

But if you’re looking for someone to do all these grossly sweet things with you, you can try looking for love here.

How about you? What are some things couples do that annoys you?

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