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10 Redundant Questions We Use For Small Talk When We Honestly Don’t Give A Damn

As you grow older, you tend to avoid bumping into friends (or acquaintances) you’re not so close to. You’d rather pretend not to see them or just walk the other direction. It’s nice to see a familiar face, but you’d prefer not to make small talk because let’s face it, it can be really awkward.

Then there are times where you just cannot siam. It could be meeting someone you know on the streets or lunch-time conversations with colleagues, there’re bound to be ‘awkward’ questions. Those that turn a conversation into a ‘good day, nice to see you (but not really), good bye’ exchange between people who honestly don’t give a damn about the goings-on of the other person’s life.

We asked millennials the questions that they always ask or get asked that actually irks them. Here are 10 ‘how’s life’ kind of redundant questions that we should stop using.

 1. “How’s life? / How are you? / How’re you doing? / How’s work/school?”

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Let’s all agree that this one tops the list. Everybody asks these. Whether it’s an ex-colleague or your best friend whom you haven’t met for a week, these default questions never fail to come up because we’re so used to them.

And life’s great, thanks for asking.

 2. “What’re you doing here? / Why are you here?”

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This is that one question you’ll get almost every time you bump into someone on the streets, “Eh! What you doing here?”

What else would you be doing at Orchard Road?

3. “Why are you still single?”


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Because falling in love, getting married, having kids, and growing old together is too mainstream, I’d rather devote my life to saving the earth and dying a spinster with 7 dogs and 10 cats.

But seriously, I want to know why I’m still single too. Maybe I’ll try my luck on dating sites…

4. Asked to a girl:
“When are you getting married? / When is he proposing?”

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Yes, because I’d know exactly when he’d pop the question.

What makes it even more awkward is when it’s your boyfriend’s mother who asked.

 5. “How’s your relationship? / How’s it going with him/her?”

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You: “How’s it going with your girlfriend/boyfriend? Together very long already right, can get married already!”

Friend: “Break up already.”


Also, unless we’re really that close, chances are you’re going to get “Good” or “Okay lo” replies regardless of the truth.

You’re not going to be sharing about your relationship problems with someone you haven’t met since primary school, are you?

6. “Did you cut your hair?”

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“No lah, I burnt them.”

“No lah, drop by itself.”

“No lah, I changed my wig.”

 7. “Did you gain weight?”

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Not quite sure if it’s a question or an insult, but thanks for noticing.

8. “Why are you so tall/short/fair/dark?”

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Because my mother gave birth to me like that.

9. A friend you secretly don’t really like:
Eh I want to go overseas, want to go together?”

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It’s a skill to pretend you’re psyched about vacay plans with them when deep down you’re like: NOPE!

Leaves are way too precious. Also, you don’t want to end up like this guy who got beaten up by his ‘friend’ when they were overseas, just because of differing travel preferences.

10. Pregnant before marriage, people ask:
“How did it happen? / Was it planned? / Was it an accident?”

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No lah, a stork delivered the baby to my doorstep.

[Bonus] An acquaintance:
“Sis/Bro, long time never see you! When you free? We meet for dinner?”

Bam! Insurance agent.

Don’t Be ‘Stupid’

While some of these questions are pretty innocent and do help to start a conversation, some are really just downright awkward or even rude. It’s not that we’re that terrible, but sometimes, we just throw these lines out subconsciously as we talk. Nonetheless, think twice before you speak next time.

How about you? What are some ‘stupid’ questions you’ve heard (or asked yourself)? Share them with us in the comments below!

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