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The Breakup Reasons These 10 S’poreans Gave Their Ex-es Will Make You Say ‘WTF’

Breakups are tough. Not only are they tough to get through, they’re tough to initiate.

It can be hard to tell someone you used to like (or love) the real reason why you’re initiating the break. Maybe you’re harbouring feelings for someone else. Maybe they’ve changed. Maybe you realised they’re assholes.

Whatever it is, the truth is hard to tell, which is why some people would rather tell a lie–even if it’s a shitty one.

We’ve all either experienced first-hand or know of someone who’s been jilted without being given a proper explanation–or who’s been given one that’s so ridiculous, it can’t be right. We reached out to some Singaporeans, and here are 10 of the most unbelievable reasons we’ve found ex-es gave for breaking up.

* Some names have been changed for privacy reasons.

 1. “I don’t like it when you don’t put the money in the cashier’s hands”

I felt our relationship had problems. I chatted with him about it and it turned into a fight.

Because I have trouble counting money, I always put coins on the table to count. He told me the only time that I put the money into the cashier’s hands was when I bought Gong Cha. And he wasn’t happy because he didn’t like the way I put the money on the table instead of into the cashier’s hands.

– Roycelyn, 26

2. “You didn’t buy the sneakers you promised”

He’s a sneakerhead. I was late for one date and he got mad. When I met him, I tried to appease him by saying “Okay, okay, I’ll buy shoes ok? Don’t be angry.”

All was fine and dandy until 2 weeks later, when he asked, “So where are your shoes?” I was stunned by the question. I told him that I said it so he would be happy. He was quiet for the rest of the date. When he went home, he posted a Facebook status: “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” It went downhill from there.

– Tammy, 26

3. “You’re not a virgin anymore, and it’s not like you were great in bed anyway”

A jerk had sex with my friend and dumped her because she was no longer a virgin after that. He added that he found her not as satisfying or as amazing in bed as those online videos made it out to be.

– Kian Wai, 26

 4. “I don’t agree with the choice of wedding venue”

We were supposed to have one wedding reception to host her family and friends and a separate reception for my side. Our 3 year relationship ended because she or her family was not agreeable to the choice of venue for the wedding reception on my side.

– Sapi, 26

 5. “You ignored my phone calls, so you must be going out with other guys”

If I didn’t reply him within 5 minutes, even during work hours, he would kick up a fuss. And even if I went out with long-time friends, he’d get paranoid as long as there’s a guy around. I happened to be busy this once and didn’t pick up his calls for a few hours, and he assumed that I was out with guys. So he broke up with me.

– Kelly, 26

6. “Your A-level results are better than mine”

We’d been dating for a few months and he broke up with me because he couldn’t accept that my A level results were better than his.

– Mandy, 25

7. “The way you open a bag of potato chips is wrong”

A friend broke up with her partner because they couldn’t agree on how to open a bag of potato chips. One wanted to tear it open from the jagged edge, while the other insisted on splitting it open from the middle. It brought out the worst in them, along with the realisation that they were so different and stubborn. So they called it quits.

– Jeremiah, 29

8. “I suddenly realised you don’t dress well enough”

He was very sweet for the whole month we were dating. Then, out of the blue, he said he wanted to break up because I didn’t dress well enough. When I asked why he even dated me when he didn’t like how I dressed, he said it didn’t bother him until then. It wasn’t even triggered by any particular event or special occasion. He just ‘suddenly realised’ he didn’t like it.

– Betty, 25

9. “You have too many pretty female friends”

My friend got dumped because his girlfriend found that he had too many pretty female friends around him, and that made her feel insecure.

– Roger, 30

10. “I really, really want to be and miss being single”

She broke up with me and said that she really, really wanted to be and missed being single. She said that she still loved me, but she needed to break up with me and be alone, or else she would forever regret it and think about the ‘what ifs’.

– Jun Bin, 26

Break Up Properly, Can?

Seriously guys, if you need to break up, do it right. These reasons aren’t any better than just plainly saying, “I don’t like you anymore.”

We’ve all had bad relationship experiences–some worse than others–but that doesn’t mean you should give up on love. Try your luck here. Hopefully, the next guy (or girl) won’t be a jerk.

What are some unbelievable reasons you’ve been given or heard of? Share them with us in the comments!

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