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10 Brutal Punishments We Suffered As Kids – As Told By Singaporeans

Those of you familiar with American TV shows will probably be familiar with kids getting grounded or being made to eat veggies when they misbehaved.

For us Singaporeans, discipline takes on quite a different shape and form. We spoke to some Singaporeans about the way they were punished as kids. Some of these are so extreme, you’ll realize how good you had it as a kid!

1. Kena whack by all sorts of things

A classic punishment most of us have been through and survived is caning.

Some of our parents were so sadistic, they made us choose our own canes at the mama shop. We happily chose our favourite colour and the smallest one because child logic says the smaller, the better. We would eventually come to realise how very wrong we were.

Some of us would hide the canes or secretly break them or throw them away, but that wouldn’t stop our parents. Even if the cane broke mid-whooping, the horror would continue and we would run around the house, screaming as our parents chased us down with belts, rulers, hangers, feather dusters, and even back scratchers. #goodtimes

One girl, Samantha, was even forced to wear a short-sleeved shirt and shorts to school to show the marks from her caning, leaving one to wonder if the pain from the caning or the public shaming was the real punishment.

2. Being made to kneel everywhere, on everything

Kneeling on a washing board, kneeling on coins, being made to kneel through the night without sleep, facing the wall or in front of the altar…

Eugene’s dad made him kneel on an abacus! And that’s not all. After half an hour, when his skin seemed like it was about to tear, his dad got him to kneel on sandpaper! And the offence? Failing his Primary 6 Chinese exam.

3. Being locked in

As a child, getting locked in can be terrifying, as in the case of 3-year-old Daniel, who was locked in the toilet at night, with no lights on. It could have been just 5 minutes, but it felt like a lifetime, leaving him with a fear of the dark to this day.

For Melissa, who refused to go to school because they changed her teacher, her mum tied her leg to a table’s leg and left her in the room for hours.

4. Being locked out

Breaking curfew usually led to us being locked out. For Oliver, it was an especially cold punishment as he was locked out in the freezing London weather.

Ubaidah, who used to fight verbally with her younger brother often, got locked out with her brother by her dad so they could fight as much as they wanted. He told them they won’t be allowed in until he saw blood, although of course, that didn’t happen.

Some fathers take ‘throwing you out’ quite literally, as did Chun Seng’s, who was physically carried and thrown out of the house.

5. Being used as target practice

Jamie lost her wallet and didn’t dare to tell her parents. Her mum got so angry when she found out, she threw a dictionary at her.

6. The passive aggressive treatment

Some of our parents would ignore us, filling us with guilt by saying absolutely nothing at all. We’d question if they’ve stopped loving us and end up apologising.

Clarice ended up with no dinner because she fiddled with food previously.

7. These ones are just sibei jialat

Eugene thought kneeling on an abacus and sandpaper was enough a punishment for failing his Chinese exam, but his dad didn’t think so. At 12 years old, he was picked up from school by his dad, driven further away from home, and then told to get off the car and to walk home himself.

One mum learnt from some of her friends to force-feed daughter, Belle, chili-padi. When she refused to open her mouth, she ended up rubbing it all over her lips. As a Primary school kid, the spiciness stung horribly.

Wen suffered a similar demise, with her mum applying chili sauce on her lips like lip gloss.

8. The prize for most creative punishment goes to…

As shared by Annabelle, her dad wrapped her up with a cloth and hung her on the wall when she was about 2 years old.

What are some unforgettable (or unorthodox) methods your parents have used to punish or discipline you? Let us know in the comments!

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(Top Image Credit: Oi Vietnam)

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