5 Ways To Know For Sure If An Introvert Likes You

We all have that one friend who’s an introvert. The one who doesn’t reveal much and shies away from attention. The one who prefers not to say a word and would rather stay by the side, observing everyone else. The mysterious one who exudes an aura of silence so loud it’s deafening. Perhaps calling them introverted might be an understatement altogether.

Yet, when introverts show affection, they do it with all of their hearts, sometimes even more so than the extroverts. Want to know if you’ve won the affections of an introvert? Here are some sure-fire ways to tell.

1. They initiate conversations with you

It takes a lot from them, but they do it anyway. If they see you as someone who’s worthy of their time, you’ll know because introverts initiate very few conversations with very few people. Introverts hate small talk, but if they’re willing to engage in them with you from time to time, you know what it means.

2. They care about your feelings

In fact, they not only care, they care a lot. Compared to their extroverted counterparts, they look out for you in their own quiet, subtle way–no fanfare involved. When you’re sick, they’ll buy you herbal tea and quietly place it somewhere you’ll definitely see it. They notice all the things that make you you, and they remember the little things you say.

Because introverts don’t expend energy going to many different social gatherings, they devote their attention towards you. They sacrifice their precious alone time for you and they do so with nary a complaint. Introverts are some of the most sensitive people around, and if they focus their attention on you, chances are, the whole world is going to know too.

3. They go out of their comfort zones for you

They don’t rely on mere words or sweet talk to show you their affections–they use actions to do so. They leave their comfort zones for you, and they do so voluntarily. They may hate crowds and abhor noisy places, but if you so much as hint to them that you’re interested, they’d brave all that for you and more. They might even assume the role of an entertainer if the situation calls for it. This willingness to deviate away from their usual selves only goes to show how important you are to them.

4. They let you into their lives

They let you into territory no one else has gone before. They tell you about their dogs, their saddest childhood memories, their deepest regrets, their dreams and aspirations. Most notably, they tell you about their insecurities. They want you by their side and they’re not afraid to show it. These are an introvert’s ways of showing trust in a person, and if you actually know all this information about their lives, it’s no easy feat and it’s also the clearest indication that they genuinely care for and like you.

5. They see you as their other half

They’re not going to do anything without first thinking about you. Whether it’s an event that’s caught their eye, a movie that’s just been released, a song they heard or even a quote they saw, you’ll be the first thing to pop into their minds.

If an introvert likes you, you are indeed one lucky soul.

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