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10 Guys Share Why They Stopped Texting After Awhile

1. She was a dull conversationalist

“One-word replies, lack of interest in asking/answering questions, or just flat-out having nothing interesting to say. Nothing kills a conversation boner quicker.” – imMellow

2. She was too self-involved

“Our conversation had gotten stale and it always circled around her and the shit that she likes to talk about. However, when it’s my turn to talk about myself and the shit that I like to talk about, not only would the enthusiasm drop but it would be followed by one word replies. Not about that life man.” – surnguy

3. Too little words, too many emojis

“Turns out I wasn’t talking to her, I was just talking to her bank of emojis.” – Wakkajabba

4. I was the only one asking questions

“Usually because they don’t do anything to keep the conversation going. I shouldn’t be the only one asking questions, etc.” – RemoteProvider

5. Yeah right she’s busy

“When I don’t get a text back for hours, but anytime we hang out the girl’s eyes are glued to her phone.” – Jesstosterone

6. I don’t do playing hard to get

“It’s not like I would even want to f*ck her or anything like that. I genuinely enjoy having casual female friends. But if I’m interested in her and she acts like she’s interested but she doesn’t want to solidify anything like playing hard to get (which frankly a huge number of women do) I’ll just drop it and move along, because I’ll feel like I’ve wasted my time.” – DrWhiskeySmokes

7. She was clearly not into it

“I’ll only stop texting if they stop taking interest, e.g one word answers or ‘haha omg emoji‘. You can tell they’re having a better conversation with someone else.” – DabidoZ

8. It started to feel like a chore

“With one girl I realised one day that I could no longer remember why I’d been interested in her. It’d become sort of a habit. I’d contact her, she’d somehow kill the conversation or I’d have to do all the work. Happened gradually, didn’t notice at first. And then came that day when the thought just popped into my head “Why are you making this effort? Why are you interested in this girl?” And I couldn’t for the life of me find a decent answer.

There’d definitely been a spark originally but it had faded so gradually I hadn’t noticed it go.” – RedAndBlackStillPlay

9. It was a test. Kind of.

“I was always the one who was initiating conversations. I stopped initiating the conversations to see if she would and she never did, so I figure she just didn’t care about me so I should just stop trying.” – carrotosmosis

10. Came down with a case of the feelings

“Started getting too attached when I was not getting the same feelings back. Easier to cut it off then to just ignore it.” – Inebriatedwatermelon

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