“Gives Up Seat, Lady Not Pregnant” And More Six-Word ‘Horror’ Stories: Singapore Edition

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Not all of us can relate to the classic Halloween traditions of dressing up, the Jack-O’-Lanterns, the haunted houses, and the trick-or-treating, but in Singapore, we’ve got our fair share of scares.

From heart-attack-inducing data surcharges to surprise train breakdowns, we have came up with some truly Singaporean ‘horror’ stories. Six words too, to appease the devils. These stories aren’t the slightest bit paranormal, but you’ll find them equally horrible and horrifying. So, tread on with caution.

When you think it’s a steal

  1. “GST and Service Charge not included.”

When all you wanted was a relaxing lunch break

  1. Bought food already, no empty tables
  2. Open dabao-ed food packet, wrong order

When they just want ‘5 minutes of your time’

Robot Avoiding GIF

  1. Don’t worry I’m not selling anything.

The Public Transport Woes

  1. “Bus is arriving in 18 minutes.”
  2. Booked cab already, need to poop

Situation Constipation GIF

Cue: Anxiety

  1. Queuing up, mum says: wait here.

A really shitty situation

  1. Surprise pangsai, no more toilet roll

Makes you wonder if you should switch to Circles.Life, every time

  1. “You have exceeded your monthly data.”

Can you hear all the foodies’ heart breaking?

  1. McDonald’s discontinues curry sauce in Singapore.
  2. Bubble tea finish, still got pearls

The Awkward Wishes

  1. “Happy Birthday!” “Hey thanks, you too”

Awkward Donald Trump GIF

The Priority Seat Conundrum

  1. Gives up seat, lady not pregnant
  2. Not pregnant, someone offers their seat

When you know it’s ‘GG.com’

  1. Queuing at customs, cannot find passport
  2. Late for flight. Peak hour jam.

Scare us with your own spooky stories

We hope these six-word horror stories have brought you to the depths of darkness as much as they have with us at Millennials of Singapore.

What are other truly Singaporean experiences that terrifies you? Share your six-word horror story with us in the comments below!

* This post is not sponsored by Circles.Life or McDonald’s.

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(Top Image Credit: The Bangalore Blog)

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