15 Outrageously Fun Pre-Wedding Photos Of Singapore Couples

One of the biggest milestones in a relationship is getting married.

Leading up to the big day, we all worry about many different things from picking out the most auspicious wedding date to making sure you have the cutest wedding hashtag. And since you will be blowing your bank for that one special day, you will want everything to be perfect.

For one, your pre-wedding photos. Instead of splurging to fly overseas for the shoot, why not make your pre-wedding photos extra special by doing something outrageous(ly fun)?

Here, we have trawled the web and found some of the most epic, themed pre-wedding photos. Shot by local photographers, these pre-wedding photos may inspire you to up the ante when it comes to your own pre-wedding photo shoots.

1. Funeral – Joel Lim Studios

Image Credit: Joel Lim Studios

Morbid as it may seem to some, this couple went ahead to celebrate their love for each other with what they do for a living – funeral services.

Their funeral-themed pre-wedding photos sure give a new meaning to the wedding vows “till death do us part”.

2. Police & Thief – One Eye Click

Image Credit: One Eye Click

According to One Eye Click, “the bride and groom are both police officers and met while in the police force. One thing they really loved doing is to poke fun at each other, which was fun to witness.”

3. Chemistry – Back Alley Creations by Jootz See

Image Credit: Back Alley Creations by Jootz See

“(I)odine! (Lu)tetium! (V)anadium! and a little bit of (U)ranium! – The special mixture of elements to concoct the chemistry of love between” two Professors!

4. Good Deal – Moomedia

Image Credit: Moomedia

“A girl knows a good deal when she sees one!”

Wrap your loved one up like this to make sure you bag that deal!

 5. Jurassic World – Moomedia

Image Credit: Moomedia

“You are safe with me!”

Taken in Mongolia where the beauty of Mother Nature is in abundance, this playfully cute photo drew inspiration from our childhood favourite: Jurassic Park.

6. Yogascape – Multifolds Photography

Image Credit: Multifolds Photography

When you have a couple who wants to do something out of the norm and who (we’re assuming) are yogis, what better way to celebrate their union than to capture them in their element – Yoga?

7. Pokemon – Camistry Lab

Image Credit: Camistry Lab

When you find a rare one like her, you have got to catch’em no matter what!

Taken during the PokemonGo craze, Camistry Lab thought it will be fun to infuse our childhood favourite in this couple’s pre-wedding photos.

8. Engineer – Renatus Photography | Cinematography

Image Credit: Renatus Photography | Cinematography

As a male engineer, finding your other half can be challenging due to, well, the sheer lack of women in the industry. If you do manage to find love with a female engineer, it only makes sense to immortalise that in your wedding photos.

Just remember, safety first!

9. Maple Love Story – Coffee & Tea Dreamzcoffee

Image Credit: Coffee & Tea Dreamzcoffee via Singapore Brides

He was a ‘warrior’ and she was a ‘priest’, and if you’ve played MapleStory (Maple), you’d know that it is the perfect pair.

Having met in the game and partnered up to complement each other in training (for Maple), this couple’s ‘Maple Story’ blossomed into a real-life love story.

10. Beer Company – Raymond Phang Photography

Image Credit: 
Raymond Phang Photography

Shot by one of the most esteemed photographers in Singapore, Raymond Phang is known for his outrageously creative, conceptualised pre-wedding photos. As is the case for this photo, where the couple went back to the place of their first date and also played on the bride’s “interesting encounters” when she takes alcohol.

11. Batman & Catwoman – One Eye Click

Image Credit: One Eye Click via
kaodim blog

Love superheroes and local culture? Why not capture both, like this unique fusion of Batman, Catwoman, and… our local hawker centre.

12. A Very Teochew Wedding – The Peeping Thom

Image Credit: The Peeping Thom

Who says it’s not cool to go traditional?

Go all out and pay tribute to your roots like this very Teochew couple!

13. Star Wars – The Art of Mezame

Image Credit: The Art Of Mezame via Geek Culture

This Singaporean photographer is known for his style of combining fantasy and reality, creating larger-than-life works of art that resemble movie scenes.

Possibly one of the geekiest pre-wedding photos you can find, these photos are truly out-of-this-world. (get it?)

14. Diablo – The Art of Mezame

Image Credit: The Art Of Mezame

Being huge fans of Diablo, the couple engaged someone they knew could turn their vision of being the characters they loved into reality.

The results are faultless – think full Crusader and Demon Hunter regalia, complete with shield, mace, and crossbow props, and smoke machines for effect. If you’re wondering how they accomplished this ambitious shoot, check out their behind-the-scenes video.

15. The Last Two Of Us – The Art Of Mezame

Image Credit: The Art Of Mezame

You wouldn’t normally put “zombies” and “wedding” together, but that’s exactly what this couple did.

In what was described by The Art of Mezame as one of their most fun and satisfying shoots, The Last Two Of Us includes pop culture references such as zombies to carry the theme “Survive till death do us part”.

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Planning for a wedding is no walk in the park, but finding the right one to spend the rest of your life with is equally tricky. So when you do, you really should celebrate your love like the way these couples did above.

What are some crazy ideas you have planned for your own wedding shoot? Let us know in the comments below.

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(Header Image Source: Back Alley Creations by Jootz See)

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