These 15 Married Couples’ Wedding Hashtags Are 1000X Better Than Yours

A wedding is only as good as its hashtag. Well, maybe not, but they sure are fun to think about in light of the 100 other details you need to take care of for your impending wedding.

Wedding hashtags show the couple’s personality, are functional, letting you see the photos your guests have taken, and of course, are the creative embodiment of two become one.

Common among young couples, there are even wedding hashtag generators out there to help you come up with an innovative hashtag for your big day! In need of some inspiration for your own wedding? Here are 15 of the smartest, most creative hashtags we found that deserve a special shout-out.

1. #JincomPATible

Taking the ‘Jin’ from Pei Jin and the ‘Pat’ from Patrick, this couple came up with this.

“Jin” is Hokkien for “very”, so the hashtag reads to mean “very compatible”.

2. #LimmingTheDream

A play on the groom’s surname “Lim”, these lovebirds are now living the dream.

3. #TheAudBentureBegins

The adventure of AUDrey and BEN begins.

4. #OnceInALifeTham

Those who’ve been following the founder of online fashion store Vaingloriousyou, Tricia Ong, will know this one. “Tham” is used to replace time because it’s the groom’s surname.

5. #ChewgetherFioever

The groom’s surname is Chew, and he will be together forever with Fiona.

6. #PhilTheLav

Feel the love of Philipp and Lavon.

7. #HansGotCharmed

John Hans tied the knot with beautiful Charmaine, so you could say #HansGotCharmed.

8. #Jun男Mel女

The groom’s name is Jun Long and the bride’s name is Melissa, while “男” is mandarin for guy and “女”, for girl. “Mel” from Melissa can also be read as “Mei”, which is mandarin for pretty.

Pretty clever word-play for “handsome guy and pretty girl”!

9. #ThisChanSoHeng

Chan is the groom’s surname and Heng is the bride’s. ‘Heng’ is Hokkien for lucky, so it loosely means the groom is so lucky.

10. #MellyYouSoon

Bride’s name is Melissa (Melly), groom’s surname is Soon – marry you soon.

11. #theWANforNAB

SafWAN is the Wan and only for NABilah.

12. #FongLingInLove

Borrowing the “Fong” from Wei Fong and “Ling” from Wei Ling, this hashtag is a cute play on the phrase “Falling in love”.

13. #YuanMarriedLiao

The groom’s name is Si Yuan and bride’s surname is Liao. Very Singaporean, we like.

14. #HappyLeeWithPris

Groom’s surname is Lee, bride’s name is Pris. And they lived happily ever after.

15. #KOKlovesBJ

KOK (Hwa) loves B(ao) J(i). Solid hashtag. Good one bro!

What’s Your Hashtag?

Know of other creative wedding hashtags? Share them with us in the comments!

If you’ve been seeing your friends get hitched one by one and wonder if you’re going to end up #ForeverAlone, don’t worry because you can meet others in the same predicament as you here.

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