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S’poreans Confess The Dumbest Things They Believed As Kids – Thank God We Know Better Now

People say kids say the darndest things. I say we were told the darndest things.

We’ve all heard stories like how we’ve been picked up from the long kang, or that the mangali or the police will catch us if we’re naughty.

We asked millennials what other ridiculous things they believed as gullible kids and here are their hilarious stories.

The Classic Tales

1. “A tree will grow out from my stomach and my mouth if I swallow seeds.”
– Celine

2. “That the moon is a spy because it follows us everywhere.”
– Alvin

3. “If you sleep beside a boy, you will get pregnant.”
– Carmela

4. “I shouldn’t hold the chopsticks too high when I eat noodles, or else I will marry someone from far, far away. Who knows, I’m dating a Malaysian now, so quite true?”
– Natasha

5. “The amount of rice left in your bowl after a meal will determine how many pimples your future wife/husband’s face will have.”
– Daniel

6. “If you point at the moon and don’t apologise, the moon will cut your ear.”

“Cannot shake leg, if not money will fly away.”
– Roger

7. “That sweets can grow ants! The very first time, my mum told me in Mandarin “生蚂蚁” (literally translated to mean grow ants), and after that, really seeing sweets with ants, I believed it.”

“I used to believe that when I tell lies, my nose will grow like Pinocchio. When I was young, I would always hold my nose after I told a lie, and when adults kept saying that I have a really high nose, I believed it was because of lies.”

– Wynn

The Monsters

8. “I believed in the Window Monster. My mom said that if I lean on the window, the Window Monster will grab me.”
– Annabelle

9. “You know those black, round manhole covers on the floor of wet markets? I used to think that there are crocodiles inside. My sister told me she lied to me back then because she just wanted to scare me.”
– Kristin

10. “It was very popular for those Chinese zombie movies to be playing on TV back then. The zombies are those that will hop around with a yellow talisman on their foreheads. My mom wanted me to bring a talisman to school as a form of protection, non-related to the zombies. When I refused, she told me it was to stop a zombie if I encountered one, just so I would bring the talisman out with me.”
– Wen

11. “My brother used to believe in the Toilet Ghost. His back faces the toilet when he uses the computer at home, so he’s afraid of it. He still keeps the toilet door closed today, and he’s still scared of bathing at night.”
– Mindy

The Dental Stories

12. “My mom made me believe that if I don’t finish my rice, my teeth will start dropping. I remember there was once I didn’t finish my rice and the next day my baby tooth came loose and dropped out. I kept crying and went to the rice container and said sorry and I wanted my tooth back.”
– Kenny

13. “When your baby teeth fall off, if it’s the upper set of teeth, you have to throw it out of the window downwards, and if it’s the lower set of teeth, then you have to throw it upwards. This is so that when you grow up, you will have prefect, straight teeth.”

14. “My parents also made me believe in the Tooth Fairy. They would secretly stash coins under my pillow in place of my tooth.”
– Daphnie

The Innocent Ones

15. “My grandma used to have the Rediffusion radio box, and the wire ran into one of the other rooms in her house. Like, it ran up the wall to the ceiling then all the way into another room. It seemed like that room was always locked so I used to think someone was inside doing the show, until we moved and they unlocked the room. I found out it was just a storeroom with a power socket.”
– Eugene

16. “My preschool teacher would scare me, saying that if I was naughty, she would put a cone over me and make my head disappear.”
– Kenny

17. “I used to believe the MSG packets in Mamee Noodles were silicon packets. My mom said it’s to keep the noodle dry and that I will die if I ate it. One day I saw a friend open and pour the MSG packet in and I was so horrified, I told him he will die. That’s when I learnt I was cheated by my mom.”
– Bling

The Ones About Nature

18. “My friend believed that plants have blood too, like animals.”
– Bing Han

19. “I used to believe rock sugar came from real rocks. I found out it was a lie when I scrubbed a random rock for a long time.”
– Wendy

20.If you step on a snail and the shell cracks, it will become huge and eat you up.”
– Mai

21. “Back in my mother’s kampong in Malaysia, she would give me a small plate of salt and told me to feed the snails when they appear. She said it’s their favourite food. I didn’t understand why they would disappear after I fed them but she assured me the snails are just shy. Turns out she just didn’t want them to ruin her vegetable garden and made me do the dirty work instead.”
– Samantha

The Truly Singaporean Ones

22. “I used to believe that Santa Claus would come from the rubbish chute because HDBs got no chimneys and the chute was the closest thing.”
– Samantha

23. “I stay in Bukit Batok and used to think Tampines was just next door, because whenever my father drives us out to Tampines, I would sleep in the car and wake up already there.”
– Jeremy

The Very Weird Ones

24. “If you bite your fingernails, those leftover fingernails will run to a corner by themselves and when there’s enough, it will make a clone of you and take over you – thanks Mr Midnight.”
– Jun Yuan

25. “I believed my parents didn’t pull my limbs as much as they did for my brothers when we were babies, that’s why I’m so short.”

“Last time I thought that if I don’t shit out from below, the shit will accumulate and come out from my mouth.”
– Yun Jie

What are some ridiculous or silly things you believed as a kid? Share them with us in the comments below!

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