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S’porean Redditors Reveal What They Think Of Today’s Youth And The Response Is… Surprising

Yesterday, Reddit user Atlas13666 posed this question to the Singaporeans of Reddit: What do you think of Singapore’s youth?

In his original post, as a 19 year old and a youth himself, he shares his opinion of today’s youth as “kinda ignorant and narcissistic”. He goes on to say that most of his friends are more concerned with how many Instagram followers they have than on what they want to do in the future.

This question invited a flurry of responses, and surprisingly, a large majority of them echoed the same sentiment: Give the kids a damn break.

Some attributed their worry-free lifestyles to the fact that they grow up in much more fortunate circumstances.

At 19, our parents or grandparents were working because they had no choice. If this generation of young people have the luxury of caring only about their Instagram followers at 19, why not let them? They’ll have time enough to care about adult things (house, car, finances) later on. Almost everyone is forced to grow up sooner or later.

I don’t mean that it’s good that they only care about superficial things, but in the end, their loss. If you know what you want now, all the better for you. You’ll have a headstart. – halfbakery

In the end, we all becomes adults when life demands it, and isn’t that all that matters? Why cut short your youth and rush into it?

Caring more about other things than the future is the privilege of a youth. They’ll eventually learn otherwise.

Haha for me as long as they don’t commit crime or do stupid stuff can already – TheHungryTTK

Some were quick to associate people who are Instagram-obsessed with a lack of smarts

Anecdotally speaking, poly has a lot of those Instagram/clothes/popularity obsessed simple minded kids. Maybe about 70%. Never been to JC to see what that’s like, though. – NervousDuckling

Some pointed out that generations have and always will be in conflict

People have bitched about the younger generation since time immemorial. – kronograf

Some pointed out that youth will be youth—today, 10 years ago and 10 years down the road—and they will always fixate on inconsequential matters

Ehh….its always been like that no? Today it’s instagram, yesterday it was facebook, day before was friendster, day before was myspace.

Wanna go further back? Week before it was who’s best at chapteh, week before that was who’s has the nicest marbles, week before that was who could get a perm.

Youth = youth. We’ll always be fixated on inconsequential things, because that’s how we figure ourselves out. – lauises

Reddiporeans in your 30s and above: seriously do you not remember what you were like when you were young?

I do. I was a self-absorbed little shit who cared nothing more than what was hot at the time, what made me look the coolest, and what was the best thing to pretend to be passionate about so that I could impress girls.

I used to write journals for years, and whenever I go back to reading them, I face-palm so hard my eyeballs pop out through the other side. When I’m not dying of cringe, I find my writing a fascinating look into the (complete lack of) depth of my knowledge and understanding of the world around me.

The only problem with kids these days is that they have access to the internet which helps them advertise the stupid shit we all did. I for one am so glad I didn’t grow up at a time of pervasive social networks. – rindojustrindo

Some drew analogies of the lifestyles of today’s youth with that of the youth of the past

back when i was a youth, all i cared about was mryandaoxxshadowsinxx, crimson balrog, rune plate scimitar and writing testimonials on friendster. today’s generation cares about instagram, youtubers, influencers, chokers, NMDs?(whatever those are). each generation has their own obsession with something. globally all the youths too are obsessed with their followers on instagram etc etc. – donthavela

Generally, the response was positive for today’s youth.

Youth will be youth, whatever the state of technology and the trends passing through. The way I see it, kids today are growing up too fast, being pressured to perform and succeed from such a young age.

So I say have fun, see the world through youth-tinted glasses, do sh*t you’ll regret in like, 20 years time. Growing up in Singapore is stressful enough as it is and there will come a time when we must all be adults. Maybe your peers judge and maybe the “adults” don’t approve, but what does it matter? Use your Instagram, Snap like there is no tomorrow, and when the time comes when we are old and cringe at the antics we used to pull, blame it on our youth. Like the Reddit user above says, living in the now and focusing on the inconsequential are the privileges of our youth.

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