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If Makeup Brands Were Honest, This Is What Their Taglines Would Say

Seriously, the accuracy of these…

1. Maybelline: “Maybe You’re Born With It, Maybe It’s Photoshop.”

2. NYX: “It’s Not Cheap Once You Buy All 500,000 Of Our Products!”

3. Sephora Collection: “We Know You Millennials Are Too Poor For The Shit We Have In Here But Buy Our Shit Anyways”

4. Nars: “Our Packaging Is As Dirty As Our Product Names”

5. Colourpop: “New Releases Everyday, Twice a Day, Every Hour!”

6. Becca: “We’re Riding This Highlighter Trend To The Bitter End”

7. Kat Von D: “We Have To Emphasize How Hardcore We Are With Every Single Piece Of Marketing Or We Will Literally DIE”

8. Kylie Cosmetics: “We’re like, so totally not just repackaged Colourpop. I mean, like, it’s made by the same lab and the packaging is really similar and the shades are really close and our ingredients basically match, but really, we’re a completely different product. I mean, we even gave you this really shitty brush to prove it. The lips kits are so totally worth it, assuming you can click fast enough amirite!”

9. Anastasia Beverly Hills: “We Do More Than Just Brows, Guys!”

10. Dior: “Sephora Security Team Is Watching You, B-tch”

11. Clinique: “You Will Always Come Back When Your Skin Turns To Shit”

12. Morphe: “Shut Up and Plug Our Product”

13. Tom Ford: “Because Paying For Louboutin Lipstick Is Where You Draw The Line”

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