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12 People Share How They Knew Their Partner Was A Keeper

1. They’re Open To Criticism

“When you can comfortably start a conversation knowing that the other person won’t be petty or defensive. Just honest opinions shared.” – JELLOSTAIN

2. Talking About It Means Talking About It

“When we disagree on something, we talk about it instead of yelling at the top of our voices at each other.” – ishouldbeworking00

3. They Fight Clean

“When mad, she didn’t just say sh*t to hurt me. She would just focus on the issue. It makes so much difference.” – Reluctanttwink

4. You’re Always Excited To See Them

“You never dread seeing them. If you want to hang out and do things with your SO, that’s for sure a ‘green flag’.” – sexualfannypack

5. You Make Each Other Better People

“Commitment to helping you be a better person, while also being open to any assistance in becoming a better person themselves.” – mstarrbrannigan

6. You Are NOT Their Everything

“As weird as it sounds, being completely independent of you. There is a stable life outside of you, but still choosing you as a priority. If they don’t have other friends or hobbies and want to spend every minute with you, it is kind of concerning.” – dirtywiggles

7. They Lift You Up

“If they make you feel good about yourself.” – DoobaDoobaDooba

8. No Stupid Games

“Instead of playing games, they follow through. Call when they say they are going to call. Show up to things they said they’d go to, and on time. They make you a priority.” – 1robotsnowman

9. No Egos In Bed

“We can have honest discussions on what we like and don’t like in bed and whatever kinks we have.” – badassmthrfkr

10. They Respect You

“Takes your side in public and tells you when you’re wrong in private.” – motelcheeseburger

11. They’re Not Too Good To Say ‘Sorry’

“Ability to apologize and admit that they were wrong, acted irrationally, etc.” – AM0XY

12. What’s Yours Isn’t Necessarily Mine

“Not entitled to my money. My girlfriends seem to think I’m required to spend money on them, even though they are financially independent. Don’t get me wrong, I offer to pay for dinner, spend lots on Christmas and birthdays, and I do buy them things, but every time I don’t, they get like ‘you don’t love me’ or some sh*t. My current girlfriend doesn’t do this, and I’m so f*cking happy.” – Vermillion9861

13. The Love They Give Your Pets

“Loving your pet as much as you do.” – shadoue

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